Staff Submissions: Patrick!

Magic Fire Music by Patrick Jolley


Now my beauty, mortal Brynhild,
Far from me have you fled,
For Sieglinde’s sake, the sister
Of Siegmund, the father of my fall.

I shall set you in sunken sleep
Upon this finger of the earth.
There you still shall rest
Until you the sea-faring wanderer sees.


O Father! Shall your Brynhild bleed?
Shall my beauty fade as blood turns brown?
Now, I shall not bleed blood, but I
Know I shall redden with this unreturning journey.


Ye shall not bleed, nor suffer any harm.
The pin-pricks of Nature shall not penetrate;
Protected you shall be, lost in peaceful sleep.
For though you are lost, you are still my love.


O Father! Shall your Brynhild blow
Away, off of the earth’s finger?
Why should the wind heed your word
And cease to blow when your will wishes it?


My daughter, I am the All-Father;
Why should the wind not stop in awe
Of my immortal presence? I am the wind,
The rocky crag, and the red dawn’s showering light.


All-Father you may be, but you are ruled
By your All-Wife.
Siegmund is dead by her will,
And I am banished, despite your own.


Wondrous one, wisdom I won,
But half of my world is black.
I have suffered as you shall,
But my eye was not the painful price.

This is awful wisdom: All is utter impotence.
The Norns know not their own fates;
And the World-Serpent crushes the wide sea,
Constraining it; Yggdrasil shall strain its

Roots, but the deep, red earth
Shall not satisfy; the chains
Shall fetter Fenrir, but they shall fall,
Broken to the ground.

And I shall die, consumed by
The wolven jaws, sunk into blackness.
Such is wisdom, that wild wind:
Beautiful Brynhild, know ye more, or how?


All-Knower, I know more, and how:
Let us sing to the singeing, spreading,
All consuming, crackling light!
To fire, the life-giver and life-taker

Let us sing, and around me set a ring
So no coward can come close
To me, your treasure, your Brynhild;
Let him face no fear as he fights this flame!

Though he be fated, bound at birth,
He shall look upon me and love
My infinite form, my maiden-mortality;
Let us sing to the mortal form
And to the magic fire!


2 thoughts on “Staff Submissions: Patrick!

  1. This is really ambitious. Norse style is not easy to replicate, but I love the subject matter, and your style is great. Powerful aliteration and music in every line. Is this about Ragnarok, or just the falling out between Brynhild and Odin?

    1. Thanks, thatsunshinekid! I really appreciate your comment. I know, it is very difficult. I was reading Old English and Nordic poetry at the time and decided to give it a try. It’s based on the final scene from “Die Walküre” by Richard Wagner. It’s in that scene that Odin surrounds Brynhild by magic fire so she can wait for the literally fearless hero, Siegfried. But yes, there are images from Ragnarok, also such as the serpent and Fenrir.

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