Staff Submissions: Vernon!

The Other Level (A Poem) by Vernon Scott

Spark, ignition, insanity, fire.

Words so dire with their indications

This world, our nation, and its helpless individuals

That fear the unknown and the strange.

We drive our Range Rovers, our Jeeps, our Mustangs

With no fear of the consequences, nor

Do we focus on the pollutants

We cause. Smoke, smog, smothering mothers as

They approach the brink of producing new life.

Birth, rebirth, begun again.

Forced to eat the apple forbidden,

Constantly being repeated depleted and deleted

We stray away from our natures, known as humanity.

We become bears, lions, beast that are unapproachable, yet

We claim it is of our nature and who we are.

Our daily news filled with our negligence and negativity.

I laugh while constantly being fed this hatred produced

By others’ actions and the misdeeds that are broadcasts.

We hear about abortions, abductions, and adoptions gone awry.

We are what we are, but who

Knows what that may be? Who

Knows what we are naturally? Who

Knows what exactly is humanity?

Fire, ignition, spark, INSANITY.


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