Sometimes I like to go see awesome bands, and then sometimes I like to pretend that I can afterwards give an objective, critical review of the show without any obvious partiality. Mostly I just end up finding reasons to gush about why the show was amazing, and the kind editors at The Cluster let me pass it off as a concert review.

In this case, I saw Band of Horses open for My Morning Jacket at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Alpharetta, Ga., and I loved every bit of it. This was my second time seeing both bands, but my first time seeing them play together. I will shamelessly confess that I love each of these bands, and I apologize for how this review makes my infatuation particularly obvious. I honestly did try to stay critical, and I managed to avoid words like “immaculate” and “flawless” and “better than anything ever.” So, for that, you’re welcome.

I encourage you to check them out yourself instead of relying on my obviously biased opinion in the article below. And yes, I linked their names above to their respective websites to make it easier for you. Again, you’re welcome, and please enjoy.

‘Raw folk rock’: My Morning Jacket

Posted by: Michelle Meredith


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