NaNoWriMo Tips: Help! I Ran Out of Ideas

Use everything! I’m sure plenty of people may have already told you this, but it is true. Use incidents from your childhood, school, the grocery store, the dentist’s office, and anything else you can think of. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and lots of different things happen when families get together. Something funny, like the dog pulling the turkey off of the stove at the worst possible moment, or apple juice spilling on the cat’s head and the dog licking it off will work great for a story. Even the not so happy moments during Thanksgiving, like a big argument that leaves everyone speechless can be put to good use in a story, and add a dramatic flair.

New boyfriends or girlfriends that someone might introduce to the family during Thanksgiving can also be used as characters in a story. Your actual friends and family can be used too. Does your cousin’s new boyfriend remind you of that extremely annoying know it all character that you were looking for? Did you come home to find that your younger brother experienced his first heart break? Use all of this! Be sure to change the names.
Take a break Thanksgiving Day, and spend time with your family. Make little notes of things that happen that you might be able to use. Most importantly, have fun!
Post by: Monica Hoyle

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