The Crossroads Writers’ Conference 2013


by Chelsey Guy (General Staff)

There are few things on the planet that get my blood rushing with excitement more than writing and literature. I love it with the burning white-hot intensity of a thousand suns and stars in an inferno of passion. If that last sentence didn’t explain it accurately enough, then we will just say that I love writing with all of my heart and soul. So, when I heard about the Crossroads Writers’ Conference, I was beyond thrilled.

Started in 2008 by a few friends who just wanted to explore the creative literary legacy of Macon, the Crossroads Writers’ Conference has grown into a convention for writers, artists, and imaginative minds from all over. The conference includes discussions, panels, book fairs, musical performances, and speeches from fiction and nonfiction writers that span for an entire weekend. It sounds like heaven for any writer. Advice on future writings, a chance to get published, and an opportunity to meet other writers and authors definitely sounds like a sweet weekend to me.

The Crossroads Writers’ Conference is happening during Mercer’s Fall Break, from October 4 to October 6, 2013, making it the perfect time for any Mercer student to attend. The tickets range in cost from $99 to $255, but the English department is offering several scholarships to anyone who asks. This is a magnificent opportunity for anyone and everyone in the writing community.


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