Teal St. Nicklaus – Editor in Chief

Teal St. Nicklaus is senior at Mercer University double majoring in English Literature and Philosophy, with a minor in Creative Writing—Poetry. She currently carries a 4.0 grade-point average while holding numerous leadership positions, such as editor-in-chief of The Dulcimer and president of both Sigma Tau Delta English honor society and Phi Sigma Tau philosophy honor society. She also serves as a preceptor scholar, tutoring students in advanced English and philosophy. She is the recipient of several University awards, including Outstanding Senior in Literary Studies, Outstanding Junior in Literary Studies, Outstanding Service as a Preceptor Scholar, and Outstanding Service as an Advanced Preceptor from the College of Liberal Arts, as well as the National Engaged Leader Award from the National Society of Leadership and Success. Teal will continue her educational journey after graduation by attending The University of Cambridge, England where she will study medieval literature as a winner of the prestigious Davies-Jackson Scholarship.

Teal is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma Tau, Omicron Delta Kappa, Golden Key, National Society of Leadership and Success and Sigma Tau Delta honor societies. She has presented her work as several conferences, including the National Conference on Peer Writing and Tutoring, the Southeast Philosophy Congress and Mercer’s Breakthroughs in Engagement, Arts and Research (BEAR) Day.

Yael Tessler – Production Manager


Yael is a third-year student at Mercer, whose interests include English, History, French, and Statistics. She loves hanging out with her friends and watching movies multiple times. This is her second year working on The Dulcimer, and she is excited to be a part of the magazine despite studying at the University of Sussex during the year. As the Production Manager, she aims to help make the magazine as amazing as it can be. Aside from this publication, Yael enjoys being a preceptor, petting her dogs, and playing roller derby. She can’t wait to see all this year holds!

Chelsea Carr – Managing Copy Editor


Chelsea is a third-year student here at Mercer, and she is double majoring in English Literature and Communication Studies. After Mercer, she aspires to work in the publishing world. She already has some experience in this area, having interned at the Mercer Press this past summer where she had the opportunity to proofread and copy-edit various works of fiction and non-fiction. She is also currently a second-time preceptor for the Great Books Program, where she helps first-year students improve their essay-writing skills. One hobby she is passionate about outside of reading and writing is tennis. She currently works at a tennis shop in Macon and is a member of the Mercer Tennis Club.


Peter Garcia – Assistant Designer

_MG_9055 copy

Peter is a first-year student planning on majoring in biology with a pre-medical focus. However, his past experience with graphic design and photography has called his interest to work as a member of The Dulcimer. Proficient in graphic design software, Peter has completed many projects from print design, packaging design, and other industry related undertakings.

 Marianna Bacallao – Assistant Designer


Marianna Bacallao is an aspiring writer, artist, actress, journalist, and photographer. She is also aspiring, every day, to be a better person. Although she’s been writing professionally since she was 17, she dreamed of doing so since she was 7. Despite winning multiple essay contests, talent shows, and play competitions, Marianna’s crowning achievement has always been, always will be, her Jerry Seinfeld impression.

Chelsey Guy – Outreach Coordinator 

Profile Picture for The Dulcimer

Born to an English teacher and raised in Columbus, GA, Chelsey was born with a passion for writing, reading, and magic. Writing has often saved her by helping her to survive through the worst of her life. She wrote her first novel at the age of 12, and she published her first book when she was 18 with positive reviews. She has also published a number of poems, short stories, and articles in numerous publications both online and in print. She has also spoken at plenty of events and programs. Chelsey loves to write about her passions: fantasy and magic, video games, movies, animals, love, freedom, race, gender, sexuality, coffee, and other wonders and tragedies of life. When she is not writing or reading (for pleasure or for school/work), she enjoys watching movies, singing Hamilton in her car like she is Lin-Manuel Miranda (when she really isn’t), dancing like she is Beyoncé (when she seriously isn’t even close), playing video games, debating politics and social issues, watching shows, cooking food as if she is on Chopped, hanging out with her weirdo-friends, and waiting for inspiration to visit and stay awhile. She is currently a senior Creative Writing major with minors in Film Studies and Business. During her fall semester, she is going to be studying theater and Caribbean literature and writing myths and science fiction at the University of Essex in England. Someday soon, she will be a novelist, hopefully writing stories that inspire, entertain, and save readers with the same magical wonder and empathy she feels about life. She also dreams about living in a tiny home with her cat, Muriel.

Elizabeth Tammi – Outreach Assistant


Elizabeth Tammi is currently a freshman double majoring in journalism and creative writing. She has won numerous awards for her writing, including the Sidney Lanier Creative Writing distinction and the first year summer writing award. With a completed novel, adapted screenplay, and various other works, Elizabeth is excited to delve further into the world of writing and publishing. She was accepted into the Madcaps Aspiring Writers conference, where she trained with authors including Kiersten White and Julie Murphy. Elizabeth runs one of Tumblr’s most prominent blogs for young adult fiction and writing (, and enjoys reviewing books and giving recommendations to over 26,400 followers. When she isn’t reading, writing, or blogging, she can be heard performing with Mercer Singers and the Mercer Bearitones. With a lifelong passion for journalism, performing, and writing, she figures that as long as she’s telling stories, she’ll be just fine. Elizabeth was born in California and grew up in Florida, but is happy to be here in Georgia at the wonderful Mercer University.

Managing Editor and Design Editor

 Submissions Editor

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