2017-2018 Staff

Chelsea Carr – Editor in Chief

Chelsea Carr is a senior at Mercer University double majoring in English Literature and Communication Studies. After Mercer, she aspires to work in the publishing world. She already has some experience in this area, having interned at the Mercer Press in the summer of 2016 where she had the opportunity to proofread and copy-edit various works of fiction and non-fiction. She also serves as a preceptor scholar for the Great Books Program, where she helps first-year students improve their essay-writing skills.

Will Darragh – Submissions Editor

Will Darragh was born on a farm in a rural community of Greenwood, SC. Although his travels have taken him both across and outside the country, he currently studies computer science at Mercer University in Macon, GA. He decided to pursue computer science because it entertains both his logical and creative sides. For as a long as he can remember, which is not very long, he has enjoyed writing. He writes a bi-weekly restaurant review for Mercer’s newspaper The Cluster, and does creative writing in his spare time.

Yael Tessler – Production Manager



Yael is a fourth-year student at Mercer, whose interests include English, History, French, and Statistics. She loves hanging out with her friends and watching movies multiple times. This is her third year working on The Dulcimer, and she is excited to be a part of the magazine again. As the Production Manager, she aims to help make the magazine as amazing as it can be. Aside from this publication, Yael enjoys being a preceptor, petting her dogs, and playing roller derby. She can’t wait to see all this year holds!

 Marianna Bacallao – Art Editor


Marianna Bacallao is an aspiring writer, artist, actress, journalist, and photographer. She is also aspiring, every day, to be a better person. Although she’s been writing professionally since she was 17, she dreamed of doing so since she was 7. Despite winning multiple essay contests, talent shows, and play competitions, Marianna’s crowning achievement has always been, and always will be, her Owen Wilson impression.

Peter Garcia – Art Editor

_MG_9055 copy

Peter is a second-year student planning on majoring in biology with a pre-medical focus. However, his past experience with graphic design and photography has called his interest to work as a member of The Dulcimer. Proficient in graphic design software, Peter has completed many projects from print design, packaging design, and other industry related undertakings.

Stephanie Daube – Art Editor

Stephanie is a third-year student at Mercer, and she is pursuing a B.F.A in Art and a B.A. in Information Science and Technology. Her interests include photography, painting, reading, and spending time with her pets. She spends most of her free time working in Hardman Hall or watching terrible movies with her friends. This is her first year working on The Dulcimer.

Dwayne Brown – Art Editor

Dwayne is a semi-professional face burglar, or a freelance illustrator in other words. As freshman majoring in indecision here at Mercer, Dwayne carries many compulsions. One of which being learning how to operate software like his life depends on it, and another being curating art from all fields. Luckily, the Dulcimer is here to exorcise his demons.

Elizabeth Tammi – Outreach Coordinator

Elizabeth Tammi is thrilled to join this year’s staff of The Dulcimer as Outreach Coordinator. Last year, she served as Outreach Assistant. Tammi is a sophomore at Mercer University double majoring in creative writing and journalism. She is the lead news writer for The Cluster, and is a member of Mercer Singers and the Mercer Bearitones, the university’s acappella group. Tammi is an avid reader, and works with Penguin Random House and independent publishing houses to review books for her blog, ‘The Extraordinary Worlds’. She also works for the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation as a writing intern, and is a member of the National Press Photgrapher’s Association. Other passions include traveling, writing long-form fiction, Starbucks, and mythology.

Catherine Gumarin – Outreach Coordinator 

Catherine is Peter Pan with a Mercer student ID. She loves going to Disney World, making new friends, and approaching life vivaciously. Before attending law school after graduation, Catherine is studying English and Communications Studies on a pre-law track, and is the current Outreach Coordinator for The Dulcimer.

Ben Gilbert – Managing Copy Editor

 Ben Gilbert is a second-year student at Mercer University. He is double-majoring in English and Journalism. Ben gained experience in the journalism industry when he interned for his local paper, The Islander, last summer. There, he not only discovered his passion for journalism, but also the benefits of teamwork and the importance of worshiping the almighty deadline. When he is not doing schoolwork, Ben plays guitar, absorbs all things stand-up comedy, reads, sits, writes fiction, talks politics, and listens to lectures on YouTube, among other things.

Ashlyn Rebel – Assistant Copy Editor

Ashlyn Rebel is a second-year student who intends to major in Creative Writing and minor in Spanish. She has loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember and is ecstatic to be able to put that love to use in The Dulcimer this year. Her other interests include horses and other animals, the piano, the violin, the Spanish language, and quality puns.

General Staff

Emily Bartlett

Emily Bartlett is a freshman at Mercer University. Her intended majors are Creative Writing and Spanish. She is excited to work with The Dulcimer in order to further her experience with Creative Writing and to help showcase the works of others. 

Meghan Duffey

Meghan is a third-year student at Mercer pursuing a B.A. in English and Mathematics and a minor in History. She can usually be found with a good book in one hand and a cup of tea in another. Her interests include reading, writing, spending too much money on caffeine, and cuddling with her animals. She spends most of her free time climbing to the third floor of Willingham and watching terrible movies with her friends. This is her second year working on The Dulcimer and she cannot wait to create another beautiful magazine.

Natalie Wilson

Natalie Wilson is a Freshman at Mercer University with many diverse passions. She loves magazine design, international affairs and senior dogs. In high school, she was an Editor two years in a row for an award-winning literary magazine and the Senior Editor for her high school newspaper. Natalie has also been awarded several personal accolades for poetry and has even been published a few times in local and national private literary magazines. Outside of school, she enjoys playing cards with her friends, talking about sea otters, and petting animals.


Managing Editor and Design Editor

 Submissions Editor

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