Craving Avetts: New Album “The Carpenter” Released 9/11/12

I got another chance to review a band I’ve been in love with forever, and I’m so excited to share it. It’s feels like sharing a part of my life, because these guys have been with me since I first discovered them when I was a teenager. Their music still resonates with me. I’ve grown up with them.

The Avett Brothers, founded in Concord, North Carolina, started small for a very long while. I first saw them play in a small bar in downtown Augusta, Ga., and now they’re headlining festivals all over the nation. They sing about love, music, country life, sadness and basically everything that makes good, bluesy bluegrass. But they also sing about death, rebellion, religion, anger and all the basic formulas of hard punk rock. And they do all of these things at the same exact time.

Naturally, I’m personally drawn to beauty in the form of angst, and these brothers have it. (And no, I’m not just talking about their beards.)

Anyway, they gained a much bigger following with their 2009 album I and Love and You, and finally their much anticipated follow-up The Carpenter has been released under production by Rick Rubin.

The kind editors at The Cluster let me publish another love letter and called it a review, so you should check it out and learn more about what I think about their new album before you look them up yourself.

Post by: Michelle Meredith