National Novel Writing Month: BEGIN!

While you’re a busy college student, you probably feel overwhelmed at the idea of writing a novel. But most novels are written for the college demographic. As students, you have the unique perspective of actually experiencing the emotions and problems that make these novels work! This is your opportunity, your responsibility, to express yourself!

– Chris Baty, Founder of National Novel Writing Month

The month you’ve been waiting for with dreadful anticipation is finally here! November 1st welcomes the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, a movement founded by writers who wanted to push each other to just get that novel written — never mind getting it perfect. NaNoWriMo, as it is affectionately (and awkwardly) abbreviated, is an opportunity for anyone to be a novelist. All you have to do is write 50,000 words in 30 days. Simple.

But NaNo is more than just a chore for the literarily obligated. Chris Baty’s words at the top of this post are actually from a conversation we had a few weeks ago at a writing conference, when I managed to follow him and beg him to bottle some of his enthusiasm in a teeny quote for us. He is one of the most passionate writers I have ever met, and the success of the NaNo project is evidence of that. Baty’s  motivational spirit stems from his genuine desire to see everybody write the story they want to write. He’s a cheerleader for the inexperienced writer, the tedious grammarian and the hesitant dreamer.  This month is about giving everyone a chance to overcome whatever is stopping them from writing that novel. This month is for you, if:

  • You have the novel you want to write, but feel like you never have the time.
  • You’re a perfectionist who edits and revises and never gets anywhere.
  • Your head is full of characters and stories that you want to write, but don’t know how.
  • You feel like you’re not cut out to be a “novelist.”

Of course, there are many other reasons we become WriMos. We want to give something to the literary world that we love so much. We want to join the other crazy writer people with crazy writer thoughts. We want to feel the satisfaction from saying, “I wrote a novel. It was shitty, but I wrote it.”

The National Novel Writing Month website stays updated with the current total word count of everyone everywhere who is a registered writer. It allows you to connect with other WriMos from across the nation and in your backyard, so make sure you register under the Georgia: Macon location to meet your writing buddies! The Macon WriMos have a weekly “Write In” session at the Golden Bough bookstore on Cotton Ave. every Saturday from 12-2 pm.

Your friendly neighborhood Dulcimer will help keep you going with some tips and tricks throughout the month. Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to let us know how you’re doing! Good luck, and happy writing!

Post by: Michelle Meredith, Editor in Chief