NaNoWriMo Tips: How to Write Dialogue

Writing dialogue is one of the most difficult things for many writers. It is very tempting to write something like this:

“Hey Jane,” Johnny said.
“Hi Johnny,” Jane said.
“What are you up to today,” Johnny asked.
“Nothing,” Jane replied.
Who wants to read that? It is soooo boring! Instead, try something like this:
“Hey Jane,” Johnny came running excitedly towards me.
“Hi Johnny”.
“What are you up to today? I was hoping that we could hang out”. He rocked back and forth on his heels nervously with a worried look on his face.
“I’m free all day. What are you up for”? I laughed nervously.
Okay, so that may not be the best example, but you get the point. Try out something new and different. Life is not always he said, she said, and your story doesn’t have to be either.
Check out this website for more tips on writing dialogue.
Happy Writing!
Post by: Monica Hoyle