“ParaNorman”: for the kid (and college student) in all of us

Read Brittani Howell’s engaging review of the recent animated movie ParaNorman here at Mercer’s Cluster website.

Brittani’s review discusses the enjoyable, thought-provoking, and somewhat dark events of the movie sufficient to entertain the college student and kid alike.  The review covers aspects of the movie from the stock characters who turn their traditional traits upside down, to the retro and innovative animation techniques, to the unsettling macabre scenes designed to make the adult viewer shudder (while the kids in the audience innocently laugh away).  Film aficionados, here is your insider’s look into the most recent film from the studio who brought us Coraline.


My Morning Jacket | August 24, 2012


Sometimes I like to go see awesome bands, and then sometimes I like to pretend that I can afterwards give an objective, critical review of the show without any obvious partiality. Mostly I just end up finding reasons to gush about why the show was amazing, and the kind editors at The Cluster let me pass it off as a concert review.

In this case, I saw Band of Horses open for My Morning Jacket at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Alpharetta, Ga., and I loved every bit of it. This was my second time seeing both bands, but my first time seeing them play together. I will shamelessly confess that I love each of these bands, and I apologize for how this review makes my infatuation particularly obvious. I honestly did try to stay critical, and I managed to avoid words like “immaculate” and “flawless” and “better than anything ever.” So, for that, you’re welcome.

I encourage you to check them out yourself instead of relying on my obviously biased opinion in the article below. And yes, I linked their names above to their respective websites to make it easier for you. Again, you’re welcome, and please enjoy.

‘Raw folk rock’: My Morning Jacket

Posted by: Michelle Meredith