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The Dulcimer is Mercer University’s award-winning literary and arts magazine. Since 1966, we have annually published submissions of art and literature by students, faculty, and alumni.

This website lets you experience The Dulcimer year-round by providing access to our submission links, info about the current staff, and guidelines for submissions!

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Editorial Policy

Published annually at Mercer University, The Dulcimer includes submissions of art and literature by students, faculty, and alumni. We accept poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and artwork of all mediums. We have two submission periods, one during fall semester and one during spring semester. We encourage submissions from all departments and advertise by posting flyers around campus and in residence halls. We also publish flyers online on our Instagram page and reach out to faculty members to spread the word. All work must be original. Anyone found guilty of submitting plagiarized work will be turned in to the Mercer University Honor Council, and their submission(s) will be promptly withdrawn from the magazine. If their work has been accepted, students will receive an acceptance notice to their email or student mailbox sometime in late February or early March of that publication year.

The Dulcimer is a student-run publication, and there are opportunities at the beginning of each academic year to apply for staff positions. Our entire staff is involved in the process of selecting submissions for publication and receives training in how to use Adobe InDesign to create beautiful layouts for selected pieces. We try to publish a wide range of art mediums and literary genres though we are limited by the types of works that we receive. Submitted written works undergo a voting process where the authors’ names are withheld to prevent bias. Certain works may receive a “soft acceptance” initially. The authors of those works are contacted by an editor to discuss possible revisions. Revised works that have been resubmitted will undergo the voting process a second time. No more than four written works by one author may be published in one volume. Submitted artwork is selected by the art editor and editor-in-chief. No more than six pieces of art by one artist may be published in one volume. The higher number of art pieces per artist reflects our usage of artwork as complements to written pieces.

Mission Statement

Since 1966, The Dulcimer has been a student-run publication seeking to promote an appreciation and love of the arts at Mercer University. We provide a platform for past and present students as well as faculty to have their artistic works published. We strive to uphold the highest standards of writing and artistry in our selection of published works as well as excellence in the design and production of our magazine.

The Dulcimer and mercerdulcimer.com are run by students at Mercer University.